Alex Guerrieri

Hoi 👋, name’s Alex.

I am an Italian, working remotely, currently with Horizon Blockchain Games.

I use Go to build scalable backends. Huge fan of low level optimizations.

Books addict. RPG enthusiast. Casual Gamer. Textbook nerd.

Here there are the main projects I’ve been working to lately.


I am a published author with my first (and only) book came out in July 2019.

  • Hands-on: System programming with Go is published by Packt and can be found on The book use Go to explore essentials of system programming.

Open Source

I try to contribute to open source, by publishing my projects and contributing other people’s. Checkout my projects, reuse them or better yet, contribute something!


Vidsey is a procedural generation engine built in Go that creates automatically videos which can be used on social media for marketing campaigns. More info at


Tent is a CMS built with the Content-as-Code approach using Git repo as an authorative source leveraging the VCS capabilities to track changes. More info at